A Dog Saved a Wild Baby Koala, And It’s The Best Thing You’ll See All Day


Kerry McKinnon of Strathdownie, Australia, didn’t know what she was going to find when her husband woke her up and told her to come quick.

Happily, it was good news – a baby koala had decided to take up residence in the warm fur of their five-year-old golden retriever, Asha.


“[Asha] kept looking back at the koala but she wasn’t trying to get him off her or anything. She was happy to let him snuggle into her,” McKinnon told

McKinnon doesn’t know exactly how the two came to meet, but it’s clear that this baby koala was far from its mother. The temperatures in Strathdownie can become quite frigid at night, so it’s safe to say that without Asha’s warm fur, this little guy probably wouldn’t have survived.

When it was time for the koala to get checked out by a vet, it wasn’t happy – it put up a “huge fuss” when McKinnon separated the two.

Thankfully, the vet confirmed that the koala is healthy. It is now living with a special caretaker until it can be re-released into the wild.

Check out the adorable photos of these two unlikely best friends in the Facebook post below:

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