David Attenborough Explains How These Weird Australian Octopuses Hunt On Land


Octopuses are super weird creatures. They are total escape artists, have three hearts just because, and they can regenerate limbs if they happen to need it.

But until watching this BBC video from The Hunt, we were firmly of the belief that octopuses domain was the water… but after watching, we’re not so sure.


The species in question, Abdopus aculeatusis a small octopus found throughout Indonesia, the Philippines and Northern Australia. 

Although most species of octopus would be trapped in the body of water they happen to be in when the tides go out, this isn’t an issue for these little guys.

Why? Because they are the only species of octopus that has adapted itself to walk over land whenever it likes.

We’ll let David Attenborough and The Hunt team take it from here – all we’re going to say is those crabs didn’t stand a chance. 


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